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Promotion for SAS to SATA 29P-SATA cable

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Promotion for SAS to SATA 29P-SATA cable
Latest company news about Promotion for SAS to SATA 29P-SATA cable
Product Name SAS to SATA 29P-SATA cable
Item SATA cable to SAS cable 29P-SATA 70cm hard disk server data cable
Wire specifications about 20/70CM in length
Application introduction The SAS 7 to 29SATA data cable can also be used directly as a SATA cable. The power cable end is 20cm long and the data cable end is 70cm long. It should be noted that if the hard disk does not support SATA mode, it may not work when connected. If you have a SAS hard drive and want to downgrade it, please confirm whether your hard drive supports it before purchasing. After all, this is only a cable, not an adapter card. This cable is backward compatible with the SATA interface and is used to connect to the WD 1T black disk of SATA. Copy Large HD speeds can be broken up to 100 (depending on the copy content and motherboard chipset, etc.) SATA1 to 1sas line, applicable card types, such as LSI 3041X-R and 3041E-R, etc., or the integrated sas interface of the motherboard can be used It depends on whether your hard disk supports SATA mode or not.
The 29pin end is connected to the SAS hard disk end, the SATA end is connected to the ordinary SATA motherboard end, and the power supply is the ordinary IDE power interface!
This adapter cable can connect the SAS hard disk to the SATA motherboard,
The transfer speed is the speed of the SATA interface, generally 3Gbps and 6Gbps


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